Day 23

Apologies for another blog delay. Blame O2 and their rubbish dongle. I may soon follow the advice of Dave Griffiths (aka Steve Jobs’ number 1 salesman) and buy an i-phone. Top marks to Caistor Hall Hotel and their ever reliable supply of electricity, however, which has once again saved the day.

Anyway on the archaeology front there is more serious ceramic bling from the pit in the road trench. There’s glass, Samian and all sorts, although if you’re thinking of popping down and hoiking it out of the pit don’t bother, because we’ve taken it out already. It’s a very deep pit though and still survives as a sort of nighthawk trap. Karen and Susanna from Time Team are very excited as the potential ritual aspects of it as it may yet save their film from the anti-climax of not finding the Iron Age.

They should, however, be excited at our lovely roads, which have resolved themselves thanks to sterling work from Giles and Mick and the Trench 2 crew. The road has a lovely camber and the only downside is that it’s made of gravel that is rammed to a hardness that would survive a nuclear attack. David C. bashes away manfully with a pick-axe striking sparks that threaten to ignite his colleagues. We would again make it clear that safety goggles were offered to all involved but they chose to decline the safety equipment offered. This may not be sufficient defense in the event of loss of eyes or other significant chafing resulting from the hacking of Roman roads but it seems wise to get it on record. The director has been drawing gravel since sun-up in order that the rest of the team can carry on bashing gravel and is heartedly sick of drawing rocks.

Meanwhile down in Trench 1, they are pretty much at the bottom. There is some dirty orange sand that is almost the natural subsoil and there are some features cut into it that aren’t Iron Age. They have some Samian, however, of AD60-70 ish, which is about the same date as Boudica. More or less.

Cake news: Sue H brings the cake to end all cakes (picture forthcoming). Sue from Brampton brings a cake of such splendour that Hazel has temporarily hidden it. And Andy’s mum brings some chocolate brownies including some of vegan persuasion so that Jon C (who is against persecution of eggs) can eat them. She also takes Andy to a hotel so he can have a bath. So it’s thanks all round to Andy’s mum.

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