Day 16

A quiet day on site as the Church and Trench 1 are both having a day off. Trench 2 have the place, and the remains of the previous day’s cake, to themselves. The archaeology of Trench 2 is lovely – real textbook stuff, with late post-holes cut into the road, at least 3 phases of road surface, and lots of lovely ruts and gullies in the upper surface. Most excitingly there are early features starting to appear, one of which could be the mysterious round thing of geophysical fame. Certainly if we don’t reveal any more of it to spoil the illusion, we can say that it is the mysterious round thing. Whether it is early or not remains to be seen.

The horse bridle bit is finally removed and disappointingly the other end is not present. It is also very small, so it seems that it belonged to Boudica’s Little Pony, rather than Boudica’s Mighty Warhorse. Richard the Bone Man also appears to start his stint and rubbishes the director’s bone comb making theory, which he cheerfully expounded to Time Team’s cameras the day before.

The director is consoled by a trip in Heather Jewel’s plane, which is a true beast of a thing – a Yak 52 previously used for training Mig pilots. She takes him for spin over the site, then out to Burgh Castle and down the coast to Southwold, finishing with a couple of victory rolls. He is so exhilarated by the latter, that he inadvertently presses the wrong radio button and says something informative like “F**k, yaarrgh” to Norwich air traffic control instead of Heather. Doubly pleased by not being sick, he walks around for the rest of the day with a large and stupid grin on his face.

The “Back to School” promotion is coming on a treat, to the extent that more Roman themed product has had to be ordered as an emergency measure. The Veni Vidi Vici pencils have been a major hit, although the rulers are still a bit of a hard sell. Come on everyone. Buy, buy, buy. Andrew Ray is back from his hospital bed and is exhorting us to greater commercial success so don’t disappoint him.

Heather and her magnificent flying machine.

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One Response to Day 16

  1. Cath says:

    was intrigued by the Magnificent Ms. Jewel. would love to know more about her, but the www is not forthcoming.
    Am beginning to feel quite sorry for your Direktor. The poor man has a lot to contend with methinks. Gales, storms, hail, thunder, portaloos – and the Diarist. Anyway, LOVING the blog, thank you.

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