Day 15

Apologies for the delay in posting, caused by running out of battery on the lap-top. Big Time Team day today. The helicopter does its flyover about 9.00 am and the team are VERY GOOD and don’t wave, look up or write “Hello Mum” in white flints on the grass. Tony Robinson appears and various random members of the public magically produce Blackadder DVDs for him to sign, while the director continues his desperate quest to carve out an alternative career as a TV archaeologist. A grotty bit of possible Iron Age pot is waved in front of the cameras as definitive possible putative proof that Boudica was here, and everyone is shot troweling the same piece of ground several times. Guy de la Bedoyere also arrives and gives his opinion on the site, although we don’t know what it was because he does it out of earshot of the team and only Tony Robinson and the camera crew are privy to his thoughts.

Alice, our lovely pottery specialist turns up and is seized upon to validate some scruddy bits of pottery that might be Iron Age. She pronounces most of them Roman to the director’s disappointment as he is hoping to wave them at Time Team. There are enough inconclusive sherds present, however, for him to talk hopefully about “background noise” and keep the Iron Age flag flying.

At the church Jenny conclusively provides an absolute date for the construction of the buttressing on the south aisle. She does this not through the application of an exciting new scientific dating technique, but by noticing the date of 1811 carved into the wall, which had eluded John P and his crew the year before. John is slightly exonerated by having dated it archaeologically to a broad period of early 19th century but his powers are clearly on the wane. He retreats for a day to be substituted by Heather who is afraid only of bananas.

The presence of Time Team comes second to a visit by very nice group of ladies who meet to do something interesting on the last Tuesday of every month. They come equipped with their own mugs and a massive teapot, as well as more cake than has ever been assembled on the site before (see below). Their contribution to site cake has been similar to the arrival of Usain Bolt on the scene of international athletics, raising the bar stratospherically in a single cake event. We may have peaked on the cake front.

Our Glorious Leader estimates how much taller he is than Tony Robinson.

Staff adorn themselves with Celtic-style art to woo the Iron Age.

The Tuesday Ladies group significantly raise the cake bar.

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2 Responses to Day 15

  1. Sue-from Brampton. says:

    Pleased to see the Tuesday ladies had taken up the cake baton(or should that be Battenburg!)Brampton may hold the record for the number of kilns but I’m afraid the T.L.’s have us well and truely beaten on the cake front…..might be able to rustle one up on Friday if I can get the kiln hot enough!

  2. Anna says:

    Blimey, we picked the wrong week for digging! Mr Robinson, face painting, sun and ALL those cakes!

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