Day 13

Determined to rise above the ignominy of being overshadowed by a massive goldfish on Saturday, the team set to work again in the hope of pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. We are now through much of the late Roman deposits that have been producing such copious quantities of finds in both trenches and getting towards something a little earlier. Find of the day is probably part of a Romano-British painted flagon identical to one from Burgh Castle and illustrated in glorious colour in John Davies’s Land of Boudica (available from all good bookshops and our marquee as well). Unfortunately we only have a bit with three painted dots and not the elaborate head that forms the stopper of the Burgh Castle flagon.

We also find a whole pot squashed under a rock (in Trench 1), which may (and only may) be post-Roman. Post-Roman material has been surprisingly thin on the ground as far as we can tell at this stage, but we reserve the right to change the story on that. Tons of Roman grey ware coming up, perhaps manufactured at Caistor itself, although Brampton (home of Sue, now revealed as the maker of the mystery ginger cake) holds the record on grey ware production, with evidence of over 100 kilns.

Making a cameo appearance in the church trench, Heather finds some more of the wall of our putative 11th-century church, although she thinks that the soil that the wall is cut into “doesn’t look very old”. As she is a professional archaeologist of many years standing and the favoured project manager/consultant for many a unit, we will bow to her judgement on this, although it’s up to John P. to decide how to use this data in the final report.

Good day for visitors despite the weather, with numbers approaching 250. We’re flogging some stuff, with T-shirts the runaway winner according to the attached sales graph. Roman rulers are a poor seller however, with only 2 shifted. A sales drive may be in order. Some donations in the bucket although we are still open to bribes from Middle Eastern betting syndicates who are organising complex betting scams based on us mentioning cake in the first line of three consecutive paragraphs or similar. It won’t alter the outcome of the excavation, so if you are of a shady persuasion do get in touch. We can then sell our story to the News of the World and double our money.

The weather is rubbish quite honestly. Wind and occasional downpours including hail at one point. The roof blows off the contractors’ portacabin in the next field, although our tents and marquee stay firmly on the ground. But this is hopeless really. Come on Norfolk. Must Try Harder.

Our first week's merchandising sales stats!

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2 Responses to Day 13

  1. Sue-from Brampton. says:

    Interesting to see you’ve found lots of grey ware,wonder if it did come from here.If it did,I bet it took longer than the three quarters of an hour that it took me to get my cake to Caistor)! Having said that they didn’t have the traffic on Norwich ring road to contend with!

  2. Avril Wilkinson says:

    Hi, thanks my blue swirly painting success over the last couple of days, I am working on a gold jewellery range to paint on visitors -and volunteers of course. Torcs and other celtic bling! See you next weekend for face painting, pot washing and t-shirt selling! A

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