Day 8

Will this accursed wind never stop? The director is sufficiently concerned about his tent to rush off to B & Q (other DIY shops with really annoying self-service check-outs are available) to buy some extra heavy straps to tie it down with. It also periodically hammers it down with rain.

In the trenches, the church comes up with a seriously interesting possibility of a south aisle, in the form of the masonry that was previously being bigged up as a possible major Roman building (which the director was convinced would be a large bath-house decorated with dancing cupids and nymphs). A south aisle (or part of an earlier church than the present one) is seriously interesting, however, and we’re going to have to rustle up some passing experts in 11th-century church architecture to say some useful about it. As John P says, we have a saloon bar knowledge of medieval ecclesiastical architecture, but we probably need something better than that to draw any useful conclusions.

Trench 1 (or 3 depending which numbering system you’re following) has come up with a very lovely hearth, which may be for blacksmithing. We will only find out from the samples really but it’s a cracking thing and gives us some impression as to what was happening within the late Roman town. We can imagine late Roman smiths, setting up close to the north gate to catch the passing trade (as the sun set on the Roman Empire etc).

Time Team also appear, with Phil Harding in tow. Filming seems to go fairly smoothly, with some Iron Age themed optimism all round.  The director reiterates again his belief that the Iron Age will be found there somewhere, leaving hanging in the air the unsaid words “otherwise I will look like a total fool on prime time television”. Hey ho, it’s a hypothesis and hypotheses are made to be tested. Or quietly forgotten if they prove to be completely unfounded.

Hmmm, really Phil... That big!

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One Response to Day 8

  1. tim dodd says:

    exerlent site visted roman reasently a ra on roman norfolk tour

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