Day 4

Dave and Fred continue their Herculean task of painting out the streets. Fred had to pop off for a few hours in the afternoon so Dave seized his opportunity to run amok with the line-marker. We could see him on the horizon, running around like a crazed Tony Hart (for anyone who remembers the iconic Vision On white line painter and friend of Morph). He and Fred worked late into the evening to finish and the end result is great.

The director finally arrives on a full-time basis, and is soon ensconced in his new ubër tent, which is like a small bungalow. It has carpets and all sorts. He is threatening to add an extension when the wind drops sufficiently for him to do it. The rest of the team were hoping for major comedy value from the directorial tent erection process but unfortunately he was helped by the more practically minded John P, so it was a boringly trouble-free process. It still, however, has the potential to fly away given the current level of the wind. To fully appreciate the opulence and luxury of the directorial tent, you can take a 360 degree tour of a tent a bit like it by clicking here.

Trench 2 (the big one) is going well and the uppermost road surface is starting to show through. Plenty of nails to frustrate the finds staff and excavation teams but some major ceramics starting to come through. Still bits of clay pipe so we’re not out of the plough soil yet. We’ll try and get an aerial shot of the trenches soon so those of you from further afield can see where they both are.

The road to nowhere begins to appear, having minded its own business for the last 1600 years or so.

The church trench is continuing and the mighty septic tank has been lowered in, so the church’s kitchen and toilet is a little nearer, although some suspicious masonry has appeared in the bottom of the kitchen footprint. We wait to see if it will turn into a building or not.

The septic tank goes in, watched by John P., following the project design to the letter.

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